EOS was built on the belief that all businesses…

1. should have the opportunity to alleviate risks associated with undue regulation and;
2. be made aware of existing government programs that offset tax liabilities

Remember, it’s not software we’re offering, it’s more freedom to do business.



3 Steps To Improved Onboarding With Automated Preboarding

EOS strengthens human resources practices with automated preboarding.

The strategies used to assimilate a critical new hire (aren’t they all?) are essential to that individual’s return on investment to your organization.

1. EOS translates every document in your new hire package into smart, connected web-based forms for fast, easy online completion well before “Day One.” Start actual onboarding sooner than ever before.

2. EOS further ensures that ROI by integrating hiring tax credit screening into its preboarding processes. Data for both state and local and the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit are collected. We then use a proven industry partner, HIREtech, to advocate for your earning of what could be $9,600 per employee.

3. Lastly, EOS electronically collects handbook and policy acknowledgements, ensuring all new team members are aware of their role. Thus, hiring organizations are provided one last blanket of protection against unfortunate and costly employee litigation.

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If you haven’t thought about your compliance practices lately, rest assured the government has.

In fact, new mandates are being introduced regularly, often realized for the first time only when the Notice of Inspection arrives.

Paper Can’t Keep Pace

Trying to keep up with ever-fluctuating federal policies via paper and manual processes makes organizations more prone to the fine-ready officials hovering over today’s businesses.

They seek the simplest errors to use as a basis for deep inspection and heavy fines. When it comes to you From I-9s, here is no such thing as an inconsequential typo. Penalties for non-compliance are now an every-day risk.

Can you spot the errors?

Don’t know all 10 errors? We can fix them before they happen.

Call LincWare Sales to find out how. (585) 563-1669



Business owners are leaving a lot of money on the table when they hire employees.

Up to $9,600 per hire.

The Department of Labor states that 20% of full time employees in the United States will qualify for a tax credit this year.


• are unaware Federal (WOTC), State, & Local (SALT) hiring–based tax credits exist

• are trying to tackle this process in-house

• don’t have personal advocates working on their behalf to communicate with tax credit entities


businesses see a 49% certification rate, earning an average credit of $400 per eligible employee.


our clients see a 81% certification rate, earning an average credit of $1,300 per eligible employee.

We see things differently.

If you would like $900 – $1,300 more than you are currently getting in tax credits for every new hire, give us a call or sign up for a webinar now to find out to learn more about EOS.



A Few Facts:


According to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, New York State reported that companies faced more more than 3,000 employee lawsuits in 2014.

Nationally, fiscal year 2013 was the most expensive year on record for employers. Employees were awarded more than $370 million in work-related lawsuits. In the last five years, six of 10 employers had to combat an employee lawsuit.

What are you doing to avoid being a part of these statistics?


EOS enables Form I-9 compliance and helps alleviate risk of expensive employee lawsuits.

Our onboarding and policy tracking solution ensures that every company policy and workplace statute, new and updated, is read and formally acknowledged by every new hire and employee.

EOS makes company rules clear and the process for agreeing with them as easy as a mouse-click.

As language and laws change, alerts are delivered and acknowledgements tracked. Know right away who hasn’t signed what. It’s secure, simple and a powerful asset of protection for any size company.

Take action to protect your company, and the people you employ.


See how easy & simple EOS is to use for you and your new hires



In an industry that strives to be innovative, EOS is a big deal.

Larry Roberts
Owner of Payroll Pros, LLC.

As an HR Consultant and Senior HR Leader, I generally don’t attend vendor sponsored webinars because they seem to be more about the sales pitch, less about quality information, and their production is typically less than stellar. This was not the case with the EOS by LincWare about I-9 Compliance. The LincWare team provided useful information and their content was professionally delivered from start to finish.

Julie LaFave
HR Consultant/Owner at Tamarac Organizational Solutions LLC


Papa John’s Franchisee Gets Jail for Dodging Overtime

There’s a reason why states like New York and California have the ‘Wage Theft Prevention Act’ as part of the employee onboarding process. At the end of the day you can’t prevent an owner from doing something illegal, but you can put steps in place to make sure that the New Hire and Employer are on the same page from Day One.

Rob Tiernan | Vice President, Sales & Marketing EOS at LincWare

In a file photo, the general manager of a downtown Louisville, Ky., Papa John's restaurant puts toppings on a deep-dish pizza, Sept. 23, 2005. (AP Photo/Patti Longmire)

In a file photo, the general manager of a downtown Louisville, Ky., Papa John’s restaurant puts toppings on a deep-dish pizza, Sept 23, 2005. (AP Photo/Patti Longmire)

By Jenn Gidman

A Papa John’s owner tried to make a buck off his employees’ backs, and now he’s paying big time. Abdul Jamil Khokhar, who owns nine of the chain’s restaurants in the NYC area along with BMY Foods, has pleaded guilty to not paying the correct minimum wage when workers put in overtime, Fortune reports. He and BMY were also accused of filing false business records to make it appear as if other (i.e., fake) employees were actually working those extra hours so he wouldn’t get nabbed for not paying the overtime, per a press release. The AP notes that about 300 current and ex-employees were affected. “Wage theft is a crime, and a Papa John’s franchisee is now going to jail for cheating his employees and trying to cover it up,” state AG Eric Schneiderman says. “My office will do everything in its power to … make sure that all employers—including fast food restaurants—follow the law.”

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Big Payroll Loves Paper

Big payroll is no stranger to paperwork.

[They know their customers hate it.]


That’s exactly the point.

If a client considers switching to a more local, attentive payroll provider, Big Payroll reminds them of just how expensive the competition’s paperwork makes the process.

Without the benefit of a national marketing campaign, independent payroll providers can’t always adopt the same systems the big names have in place to make customer onboarding fast and affordable.

Until now.

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It’s the Fourth Quarter

<img class="aligncenter" src="https://gallery.mailchimp.com/dd5bb248a9a7cd8eb262103a1/images/7f7f0fdf-8016-4371-b5cc-623fc90420d7.jpg” alt=”It’s the Fourth Quarter” />


The calendar has only a few page left on it. This means you’re already focusing on your January 2016 sales goals.

Factoring in the upcoming holidays, maximizing your time to hit those goals is more critical than ever.

EOS Client Onboarding is an automated forms solution for onboarding new payroll customers. It lets you work quickly and accurately through every document in your new client package. EOS CO is more efficient, more secure, and more compliant than paper. Read More

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